The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

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Date: 31 August 2022

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The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

The high cost of production equipment and the requirement for high-quality goods necessitate maintenance that can ensure high equipment accessibility, production quality, and safety across the production process. This requires technology to lower maintenance costs, increase asset availability, and improve technical team safety by intervening appropriately before outages or breakdowns occur.

Maintenance management systems, such as the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software, guarantee global control of regular maintenance and are an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes.


Overview of CMMS

CMMS software allows your company to manage maintenance tasks to increase asset productivity, lower costs, and simplify operations. 

For companies that already employ intelligent performance tracking systems via IIoT, such as Atera, the CMMS solution enables them to optimize that investment by centralizing and controlling the operationalization of all management and maintenance tasks.

Companies that do not yet use intelligent technology can use the CMMS solution to organize, implement, and regulate corrective and preventive maintenance strategies, resulting in a higher return on investment in assets and equipment. The maintenance team can work more effectively and intelligently with this tool, increasing productivity.


Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit



Primary Advantages of CMMS


The goal is to make your operations more manageable and stress-free by gaining more control and encountering fewer surprises. An advanced maintenance management software application offers numerous advantages. Here is the CMMS software list of benefits you can consider when planning to get a CMMS for your company.


  • Plan, Schedule, and Monitor Preventive Maintenance

According to Statista research, 46.91% of the companies surveyed in North America in 2020 said they spent between 21% and 40% of their annual budget on maintaining and cleaning their tools and supplies.

Preventative maintenance safety checks and tasks can be planned with the help of a good CMMS, which enables you to identify minor issues before they balloon into costly repairs. By performing minor preventive maintenance, you might avoid an expensive seized engine.


  • Keep Up with Reactive Maintenance

You can respond more quickly if something goes wrong with CMMS software. The installed, open request portal enables anyone on-site to get in touch with you as soon as they realize a developing problem instead of waiting for it to become so severe that everybody knows it.


  • Manage Inventory and Reduce Expenses

Once you’ve configured the CMMS to control your inventory, you will no longer be concerned about running out of essential parts. You know what you have in stock and when to order more. You’ll save more on pricey overnight shipping costs if you order in advance.


  • Use Data to Improve Decision-Making

The best maintenance management software controls the current situation while helping you make better plans. Because you’re able to collect better, more accurate statistics now, you can now turn them into valuable insights into your overall production. Because you can rely on the data, you can consciously make the operations easier.




Key Features of CMMS

A growing number of companies are turning to CMMS as a solution to maximize their maintenance management processes because it offers a variety of beneficial features. It gives maintenance managers access to vital data from any device, enabling them to monitor and actively manage resources across various business locations.

According to Future Market Insights, the market size for CMMS software was estimated at over USD 900 million in 2020 and is anticipated to increase to more than USD 1,700 million in 2028, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 8.41% from 2021 to 2028.

But how do CMMS software companies help improve the procedure’s effectiveness? Below are some CMMS features that make a wise investment.


  • Work Order Management

Controlling work orders for asset maintenance and repair is another customizable feature of CMMS. According to a predetermined maintenance schedule, the system automatically creates work orders and responds to repair service requests submitted by your authorized users.


  • Preventive Maintenance

You can feel secure knowing that you are doing everything possible to increase the lifespan and efficiency of your company’s assets when you have a solid preventive maintenance tool in place. The software’s most valuable advantages are the least expensive emergency repairs and halting asset deterioration.


  • Asset Management

Cloud-based CMMS software allows you to manage assets in multiple business sites in real-time. This information is available to you and your maintenance personnel from any device connected, ensuring that you never lose sight of your important equipment.


  • Facilities Management

The focus of facilities management, a subcategory of CMMS, is the repair and upkeep of an organization’s facilities and assets. The goal is to make managing your buildings, spaces, and personnel easier for you.


  • Analysis and Reporting 

Data can be used for any reports or findings you need as soon as you input it into your CMMS. Asset information is added to the database, and any possible issues it identifies immediately send an alert to the maintenance department manager. The best CMMS maintenance software enables specialized analyses as well. You can specify parameters for your particular industry or your business’s particular needs.



Choosing the Best Maintenance Management Solution

Numerous maintenance management solutions have been developed for various business sizes. Some software products on the market are tailored to specific industry sectors, including transportation, hospitals, manufacturing, or academic institutions. Because each industry has a distinct set of service requirements and reporting styles, it is best to prioritize a tool that is specifically tailored to your industry instead of focusing solely on a generic CMMS tool. This will make it simpler for your team to learn the application and comply by utilizing industry-approved frameworks and workflows.

Many CMMS today offer robust features that benefit small and large companies, and one of the best CMMS software 2022 is Collabit. With Collabit’s CMMS Software solution, you can easily keep track of all resources in one or more locations, store the frequency and strategy of maintenance following the manufacturer’s recommendations, and maintain an accurate record of all work done.



Moving away from spreadsheets, paper, and pencils is a significant step. Adopting CMMS software is the initial step to streamlining and improving the cost, efficacy, and efficiency of maintenance operations at your institution.

Modern CMMS solutions deliver a long list of benefits, and the more you know about how the software works, the easier it is to understand them. Maintenance and facility managers can use the software to take control of their maintenance operations by making their data safe, secure, and accessible. You can seamlessly track and manage your assets with a comprehensive tool like Collabit to plan for unanticipated events.


Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses


The Best CMMS for Small and Large Businesses

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