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Collabit provides a complete and tailored solution for electrical service and compliance businesses. Our solution holds all the relevant compliance and testing documents and certificates as they relate to British standards, including BS 7671.

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Electrical Safety and Compliance Software that works the way you do.

Collabit understands the challenges you face in ensuring electrical safety and compliance. Our Electrical Safety and Compliance Software is a customisable and easy-to-use solution designed to improve efficiency, visibility, and customer service for your electrical business.

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Designed for Electrical Safety and Compliance

Library of forms

Collabit boasts a comprehensive library of industry-specific forms. These forms have been meticulously crafted through extensive collaboration with electrical professionals, ensuring they address the core requirements of the trade. Furthermore, Collabit empowers users with complete customisation capabilities, allowing them to tailor each form to their unique workflows and client needs.

  • Comes with all of the commonly used job forms including Electrical Installation Certificates and Electrical Installation Condition Reports.
  • Allows you to use these forms and make edits and tweaks to make them unique to you and your business;
  • Your Collabit customer success representative will be happy to help you manage the process of making these forms suit the way you work.
Consolidate Job Planning

Resource Planning

Collabit unifies your planning process by integrating both scheduled jobs (derived from closed sales) and unforeseen remedial work identified during existing projects. This unified platform ensures a comprehensive overview of all your upcoming tasks.

  • Plan jobs in a calendar view or a map planner view;
  • Filter jobs to plan based on tags, engineers skills, jobs types etc;
  • Automatically groups all jobs that are due over the planning period into site locations to be completed in one visit;
  • Uses Google Drivetime and time taken to complete works to plan the perfect work day for an engineer;
  • Report on jobs that are overdue, planned, completed and invoiced.
Easily Inform Customers of Discovered Issues

Non-Conformance Management

Collabit empowers efficient compliance management. By automatically identifying data that falls outside established parameters, the system flags potential non-conformances. For identified issues, Collabit suggests corrective action should be taken, furthermore, the system automates stakeholder notifications, ensuring all relevant parties are kept informed of compliance concerns and subsequent actions.

  • Non-Conformances are easy to create from jobs by setting rules within the job forms;
  • Different levels of non-conformance can be set to show customers the severity of the jobs with ease;
  • Workflows can be attached to the non conformances so that they create support tickets, or recommendations on job reports or just be viewable on the customer portal. You set the rules for each type of issue;
  • Filter and show all the non-conformances for a customer, site or by type.

Accounting Tools

Capturing and translating financial data into accounting journal entries can be challenging, but with Collabit you can link your accounting software of choice to our system and eliminate the need to transfer data manually between multiple financial platforms. Seamlessly link your chosen accounting software to our platform, ensuring a cohesive financial ecosystem.

  • Push customer information, supplier data, product lists and transaction data from your accounting software to Collabit and vice versa.
  • Enhances the ability to monitor project finances, budgets, and expenditures with up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  • Strengthens financial control by ensuring that accounting and project management data are synchronised.
  • Seamlessly integrates invoicing and billing processes, accelerating the invoicing cycle and ensuring that financial transactions are accurately reflected in both systems.
  • Currently compatible with Sage, Exchequer, QuickBooks and Xero.

More Features In This Solution

Resource Planning

Use Collabit to plan all the jobs that are due either from schedules created from closed sales opportunities or from remedial works that have been discovered within jobs.

Contract tracking and renewals

Contracts are a handy place that stores all of your agreements with customers so you can find all the information you need quickly and easily, plus they don’t need any data entry or admin time spent on them.

Onsite works and reports

Once a job is created on the system and planned then the mobile workforce can locate the job and complete all works from the Collabit app (available on Android and Apple stores).

Asset and location management

Collabit creates an asset register for every single site you carry out jobs on. This shows all the locations (floors, rooms etc) on a site as well as what assets are located in them.

Manage customer queries and issues

Collabit includes a full helpdesk system, making it easy to provide high levels of customer service.

Finding the information you need when you need it

Keeping all of your company data in one system gives you huge benefits as well as being the ‘go-to’ place to find anything you need with no fuss.

Remedial work tracking

Make sure you always pick up on potential remedial works and use the Collabit process to ensure you win more, complete the jobs quickly and invoice for them.

Non-Conformance Management

Automatically ensure that all compliance issues have been logged and all customers are informed of what is recommended to resolve them.

Customer portal

Your customers will have their own log in’s to Collabit where they can access all the information you wish to share with them. This reduces the number of emails and calls while giving a better service to your customers.

Form Designer

A powerful form designer is built into the platform that can be used after minimal training that can be used to make job forms with endless possibilities.

The Collabit Library of forms

Collabit comes with a library of forms designed for water hygiene and treatment companies that have evolved from working with many customers and understanding their requirements.

Equipment tracking

Store and manage all of your company-wide inventory with the Collabit Inventory manager.

Employee Skills, training and Certification tracking

Manage your employee's skills and certifications as well as any training requirements with the employee dashboard.
Dashboards and Management Reports

Dashboards and Management Reports

Managing your entire business has never been easier than when using the dashboards and reports in Collabit.

For more information on the issues and challenges we solve and how we have helped other companies in your industry; please check out our video and article sections.