A Complete Water Hygiene and Treatment Software Solution.

The UK’s Best Water Hygiene and Treatment Software is specifically designed for companies that provide Legionella Control or Water Treatment services.

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All-in-One Water Hygiene and Treatment Solution. From Quotation to Invoicing.

The UK’s Best Water Hygiene and Treatment Software that works the way you do. By working with over 40 companies in the Water Hygiene Industry and by interviewing countless others, we completely understand your issues and the outcomes you desire.

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Feature Rich Water Hygiene and Treatment Solution

An end-to-end platform that streamlines all the tasks and workflows, reducing time and effort. With Collabit, you can easily manage and track all the tasks and have peace of mind knowing that you fully comply with industry regulations.

Automate all forms Including Legionella Risk Assessments

The Collabit Library of Forms

Accelerate your work and minimize the number of errors with our innovative tools and processes.

  • Comes with all of the commonly used job categories including the more complex ones like Legionella Risk Assessments and Closed System Analysis;
  • Allows you to use these forms and make edits and tweaks to make them unique to you;
  • Your Collabit customer success representative will be happy to help you manage the process of making these forms suit the way you work.
The UK’s Best Water Hygiene and Treatment Software
Water Hygiene and Treatment Software
Specially Designed Sample Management Process

Lab Sample Management

Our platform streamlines the sampling process, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and systems.

  • Take samples on jobs either by entering the sample number or by using barcode/QR/NFC tags;
  • Collabit creates and emails a sampling submission form to the lab of choice so they know what to sample for without you needing to fill in any paperwork at all;
  • Holds all the jobs that are waiting for sampling results in a handy dashboard;
  • Can connect to lab LIMS software systems so results are automatically taken into Collabit as well as attaching the lab certification to the job;
  • Can set rules on the sample results to create recommendations and non-conformances from them.
Offer more to your customers

Customer Portal

Reduces the number of emails and calls, allowing for more efficient communication and better customer service.

  • Customers can see a summary of all of their sites and quickly identify where non-compliance issues are;
  • On the site screen in the portal they can see when jobs have been planned for that site and see a log of all the completed jobs;
  • Download PDFs of any reports or any other documents you wish to share with them;
  • Customers can easily access their account to view and track jobs: completed, planned and not completed;
  • Shows a list of non-conformances and allows the customer to collaborate with you on resolving them and close them off for themselves.
Eurofins & Latis

Partnered Labs

Collabit's lab integration feature offers a seamless solution for integrating lab results with job management, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy in various industries. The automated linking of lab results to specific jobs ensures real-time updates, saving valuable time and resources. Notably, this feature instantly identifies non-compliances, allowing for prompt corrective actions.

  • Lab results are directly linked to corresponding jobs, providing automatic updates as soon as the processing is complete.
  • Facilitates easy tracking and traceability of lab results, enhancing transparency throughout the entire process.
  • Simplifies audits and regulatory compliance by providing a comprehensive and easily accessible record of lab-related activities.
  • Enhances collaboration by connecting lab processes with broader project and task management activities.
  • Allows users to set up customisable notifications for specific triggers, ensuring prompt awareness of critical developments.

Accounting Tools

Capturing and translating financial data into accounting journal entries can be challenging, but with Collabit you can link your accounting software of choice to our system and eliminate the need to transfer data manually between multiple financial platforms. Seamlessly link your chosen accounting software to our platform, ensuring a cohesive financial ecosystem.

  • Push customer information, supplier data, product lists and transaction data from your accounting software to Collabit and vice versa.
  • Enhances the ability to monitor project finances, budgets, and expenditures with up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  • Strengthens financial control by ensuring that accounting and project management data are synchronised.
  • Seamlessly integrates invoicing and billing processes, accelerating the invoicing cycle and ensuring that financial transactions are accurately reflected in both systems.
  • Currently compatible with Sage, Exchequer, QuickBooks and Xero.
Other Integrations

More Features In This Solution

Mobile App

Once a job is created on the system and planned then the mobile workforce can locate the job and complete all works from the Collabit app (available on Android and Apple stores).

Contract tracking and renewals

Contracts are a handy place that stores all your agreements with customers so you can quickly and easily find all the information you need quickly and easily. Plus, they don’t need any data entry or admin time spent on them.

Resource Planning

Use Collabit to plan all the jobs that are due either from schedules created from closed sales opportunities or from remedial works that have been discovered within jobs.

Non-Conformance Management

Automatically ensure that all compliance issues have been logged and all customers are informed of what is recommended to resolve them.


  • What is water hygiene and treatment software?

    Water hygiene and treatment software is a computer program that helps users manage and monitor water systems to ensure they comply with regulations and industry standards for cleanliness and safety. This type of software can be used to track water testing results, schedule maintenance and disinfection, and generate reports for regulatory compliance.

  • What are the main features of water hygiene and treatment software? The main features of water hygiene and treatment software can include:

    Automatic scheduling and reminders for water testing and maintenance tasks Reporting tools for compliance with regulations such as the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Data tracking and storage for water test results, maintenance records, and risk assessments Real-time monitoring of water systems for potential issues such as temperature and bacterial growth

  • Who uses water hygiene and treatment software?

    Water hygiene and treatment software is typically used by businesses and organizations that operate water systems such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and industrial sites. These organizations are responsible for ensuring the safety and cleanliness of their water systems to protect the health of their employees and customers.

  • How does water hygiene and treatment software help businesses comply with regulations?

    Water hygiene and treatment software can help businesses comply with regulations by automating compliance tasks such as water testing and maintenance, and providing accurate records of these tasks for regulatory inspections. The software also helps users identify potential issues with their water systems, such as bacterial growth, and take corrective action before a problem becomes a major violation.

  • What kind of training is required to use water hygiene and treatment software?

    The amount of training required to use water hygiene and treatment software can vary depending on the complexity of the software and the user's familiarity with water systems and regulations. However, many software providers offer training resources such as user manuals, webinars, and customer support to help users get up to speed on how to use the software effectively.

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