Unlock the Potential with All-in-One Facility Management Software

Our Facility Management Software is used by both inhouse FM teams and by outsourced FM companies to manage all recurring and one-off tasks that need to be completed in the most efficient way possible with full visibility of your operations.

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The UK’s Best Facilities Management Software All-in-One Facility Management System UK The UK’s Best Facilities Management Software All-in-One Facility Management System UK

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Revolutionise Your Facility Management with Collabit’s All-in-One System

Collabit’s All-in-One System is designed to meet the unique needs of your business. With our software, you can manage your facilities, assets, and resources seamlessly in one place. The platform provides a centralised hub to track and plan any tasks to be completed by your team or sub-contractors.

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Feature rich Facilities Management Solution

Use this All-In-One platform to store your site information, relevant documents and guides, Job forms and snagging reports, projects, and more. Collabit Cloud Based Facility Management Software is flexible and easily customizable to suit your Facilities Management style.


Asset and location management

Collabit Facility Management Software creates an asset register for every single site you carry out jobs on. This shows all the locations (floors, rooms etc) on a site as well as what assets are located in them.

  • Add assets into the system in bulk from a spreadsheet or add assets to the system live from jobs;
  • Set assets against job schedules so that the correct assets are already on the jobs ready to go;
  • Asset types are associated with all of the relevant job forms so if 3 separate tasks are due on one asset the engineer can do all of them together.
Asset and location management
Facilities Management Software UK

The collabit library of forms

Collabit Cloud-Based Facility Management Software library of forms designed for Facility Management companies has evolved from working with many customers and understanding their requirements.

  • Allows you to use these forms and make edits and tweaks to make them unique to you;
  • Your Collabit customer success representative will be happy to help you manage the process of making these forms suit the way you work.

Equipment tracking

Store and manage all of your company-wide inventory with the Collabit Inventory manager.

  • Scan and log all inventory with it’s home location along with any certification that is required (eg. calibration cert) and then set renewal reminders;
  • Employees book out the equipment so you can see where everything is at any given time and make sure that equipment is booked back in after a job;
  • Helps to plan works that demand the use of equipment reducing clashes and the expense of needing to hire.
Facilities Management Software UK

More Features In This Solution

Resource Planning

Use Collabit Facility Management Software to plan all the jobs that are due either from schedules created from closed sales opportunities or from remedial works that have been discovered within jobs.

Onsite works and reports

Once a job is created on the system and planned then the mobile workforce can locate the job and complete all works from the Collabit Facility Management Software App (available on Android and Apple stores).

Customer portal

Your customers will have their own log in’s to Collabit where they can access all the information you wish to share with them. This reduces the number of emails and calls while giving a better service to your customers.

Form Designer

A powerful form designer is built into the platform that can be used after minimal training that can be used to make job forms with endless possibilities. This is truly the top facility management software on the market.

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  • How can I start using Collabit Software's Facility Management System?

    Make an appointment with us for free consultations or a demo. During the consultations/demo, our team will walk you through the features of our All-in-One Facility Management System and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to move forward with our software, our team will work with you to onboard and set up your account. Our software is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.

  • How much does Collabit Software's Facility Management System cost?

    We offer flexible pricing options that are tailored to your unique business needs. Our pricing is based on factors such as the size of your facility and the features you require. We offer a free personalised demo to help you understand our software and its capabilities, and our sales team will work with you to provide a pricing package that meets your budget. Contact us today to schedule a demo and get a quote.

  • What is Collabit Software's All-in-One Facility Management System?

    Collabit Software's All-in-One Facility Management System is a comprehensive software solution to streamline facility management operations. It offers features such as work order management, asset tracking, preventative maintenance scheduling, and reporting, all in one centralised hub.

  • How can I benefit from using Collabit Software's Facility Management System?

    Our Facility Management System offers real-time visibility into your operations, helping you make informed decisions on facility maintenance and management. With our system, you can maximise efficiency and reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair. Our software is user-friendly, cloud-based, and customisable to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Is Collabit Software's Facility Management System user-friendly?

    Yes, our FM System is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Our software is also customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Is Collabit Software's Facility Management System cloud-based?

    Yes, our FM System is cloud-based, which means that you can access your data from any location, at any time. This also allows for easy collaboration and real-time updates.

  • What is facility management software?

    Facility management solutions is a suite of tools designed to help organizations manage and maintain their physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, and other facilities. It includes features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, work order management, space planning, and more. Facilities managers use this software to optimise the use of resources, increase efficiency, and reduce costs associated with building maintenance and operations.

  • Benefits of facility management software?

    FM software provides numerous benefits to organizations that efficiently manage their physical assets. Some of the key benefits include: Improved maintenance: With automated maintenance scheduling and tracking, FM software ensures that equipment and facilities are adequately maintained, reducing downtime and increasing reliability. Cost savings: By streamlining maintenance processes and reducing downtime, FM software can help reduce operational costs and increase profitability. Increased efficiency: With real-time visibility into asset performance and maintenance needs, facility managers can optimize resource allocation and improve overall operational efficiency. Better planning: FM software provides tools for space planning, asset tracking, and work order management, enabling facilities managers to make informed decisions about resource allocation and future investments. Compliance: FM software can help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

  • What is the best facility management software available?

    The best FM software available depends on an organisation's specific needs and requirements. Some of the top-rated software in the market include IBM TRIRIGA, Planon, and FMX. Collabit Software is famous for its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and integration capabilities.

  • What makes a good facilities management system?

    A good facilities management system should be comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly. It should have features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, work order management, space planning, and reporting, and it should be customizable to meet an organisation's specific needs. Integration with other software and systems is also important for seamless workflow and data management.

  • What software must any maintenance/facilities manager know?

    Any maintenance/facilities manager should know about a facility management system that includes features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, work order management, space planning, and real-time reporting. Some popular software in the market include IBM TRIRIGA, Planon, FMX, and Collabit Software.

  • Why is asset management software so effective?

    Asset management software is effective because it provides real-time visibility into asset performance, maintenance needs, and usage patterns. With this information, organizations can optimize resource allocation, reduce downtime, increase reliability, and extend the useful life of their assets. This results in cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved operational performance.

  • What are facility management services?

    Facility management services refer to the activities involved in managing and maintaining physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, and other facilities. These services can include maintenance, repairs, cleaning, security, space planning, and more. FM software is used to optimize these services and streamline the management of physical assets.

  • What is integrated facility management?

    Integrated facility management refers to using software and systems to streamline the management of physical assets and facility services. This includes integrating other software and systems for seamless workflow and data management. Integrated facility management can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize resource allocation.

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