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Collabit helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.

The UK’s Best CMMS and Field Service Management Software

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Unique Tech

Unlike other software platforms that code all-new functionality as they go, we are different.


We have designed an extremely powerful toolkit that allows anyone with a technical mindset to be able to quickly build any software they like after minimal training!


Build your own software in a fraction of the time without coding a thing! Or use one of our prebuilt industry-specific solutions.

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Stop struggling with Spreadsheets & Multiple Software Systems

Are you managing your business with spreadsheets and trying to bridge the gap between software systems? This is an inefficient way to manage your operation.


Duplication of data management, admin heavy processes, increased human errors and no visibility of the current situation are just some of the issues we solve. Collabit is The UK’s Best CMMS and Field Service Management Software.

Understand your business without the hassle

Using one tailored system for your company allows management to see what is and isn’t working well and do something about it before it causes damage to the business.


Collabit has customisable reports and dashboards to make it easy to gain visibility of the entire business at a high level and down to the smaller details. Collabit is The UK’s Best CMMS and Field Service Management Software.

Our Solutions

Collabit have a number of industry specific software solutions that are designed to answer the niche problems and issues that those industries have.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Overheads

Collabit can be customised for each customer.
Collabit is UK’s Best Field Service Management Software:

Provide one software platform for all departments to share
Real Time view of your company and data
Use workflows to lock in best practice for your operations
Customisable tools and reports to suit the way you work
Use Collabit from desktop or mobile device
Report on anything company wide or granular
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Collabit has carried out multiple workflow projects for various NHS Trusts. From systems that issue parking permits to staff to full asset maintenance solutions.
“Collabit can accommodate the bespoke needs of a project and help the end-user to create a software package that works for the individual task, activity and objective.” Collabit is UK’s Best Field Service Management Software.
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The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software.