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Streamline your workflow

Collabit Workflow

How much time are you wasting with word documents, spreadsheets and inefficient processes?

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Save countless work hours and reduce costly errors within your organisation with the Collabit workflow platform which is tailor made to suit every one of our customers and their unique business processes and will grow and evolve as your organisation does.

Streamline all of your business processes in Collabit, even if they cover multiple stakeholders both internally and externally… increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate errors.

Reduce admin and manage multiple jobs and appointments with ease from just one place

Work Order Management

Organise your jobs, employee calendars and task deadlines in the most efficient way possible to save time and increase productivity.

Our work order management module is bespoke for every client and as a result, is the very best system to suit your organisation and the unique way that you do business.

Schedule jobs, assign tasks to employees, manage all employee and team calendars, track deadlines and report on activity. All of the data is automatically stored in Collabit to aid in central decision making for your organisation.

Customised Job sheets

Job sheets can be fully customised to include any information required, e.g. photos and customer signatures. This data can then be captured on any device and synced in real time.

Customer Fulfilment and Agreements

Ensure that you always complete the work you have agreed to do for your customers as quickly and as error free as possible.

Use Collabit to send quotes and create contracts of work for new business won. This automatically generates all tasks that need to be completed for that contract ready to be assigned to the best employee or team available.

Both one-off and reccurring jobs can be created to suit any type of customer requirement. Keep your customers happy and renew contracts with them year after year.

Ensure the highest quality of service and retain your customers

Reduce customer enquiries while improving customer service!

Customer Portals

Create a special customer area in Collabit which allows you to share any relevant information for the customer as soon as it is created, this will reduce enquires sent to your account management or sales teams giving them more time to sell! Also this will improve your customer experience as they will find it easier to find what they are looking for quickly and with accurate information ensured.

The Customer Portal can also be used by the customer to share information or any documents with you as well as filling in customised forms generated by your workflow tools. Meaning that your efficient workflow process carries on even when it passes through external people.

Your own Collabit Expert

To ensure every one of our clients gets the maximum cost saving benefit from our platform as well as making it as simple as possible, we assign a Collabit expert to tailor the system to fit with your unique processes and challenges. This starts with the system set-up and continues on with monthly support which is designed to continually improve your productivity.

If you are looking to save time and money across your organisation and would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us today.
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"Those Who Learned To Collaborate And Improvise Most Effectively Have Prevailed."
~ Charles Darwin

Collabit Mobile

Are your onsite staff not capturing all the information you need and wasting time with admin tasks?

Onsite staff can use Collabit on mobile devices even if they are offline or out of service, giving engineers & consultants the workflow tools they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently with no need to perform admin at a later time.

Truly mobile solution

Through it’s unique and powerful design, All of Collabit’s functionality is accessible and works perfectly through mobile devices even though it is customised to suit each customer differently.

From onsite engineers completing jobs to management checking their dashboard while traveling - Collabit is a mobile solution to suit your mobile workforce.

Capture Onsite Data

Forms can be designed specifically for your mobile workforce so they capture the correct information onsite as it is fresh, images of work before and after or customer signatures can built into the mobile forms. This information is then automatically stored in the central system and is perfect for proof of works being carried out to a desired standard or to help with compliance or legal information requirements.

Get in touch with us today and get the best from your mobile workforce.
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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
~ Sir Isaac Newton

Collabit Insight

Helping management to make better decisions with customised dashboards and access to all the information needed

Reporting & Dashboards

Collabit Insight is a reporting area with dashboards designed for each level of management to help focus on processes, teams and individuals that need attention and is essential for any company to stay ahead when operating in a competitive industry.

Contact us now to learn how you can gain visibility in your organisation.
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About us

Collabit set out to pursue a completely different approach on how information sharing and knowledge is managed. Everyone works in different ways and have their own best practices. We wanted to create a system that would allow this to happen, but also make sure that this knowledge can be accessed by everyone and not be hidden away by departmental boundaries.

"Information must be free from application and departmental boundaries"

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