How Can I Implement FSM Software for My Business?

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Date: 3 May 2022

Chris Barnes


How Can I Implement FSM Software for My Business?


With the fast technological upgrade of all industries, the implementation of up-to-date field service management software is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 

In its essence, field service management software, or FSM, serves the purpose of streamlining all tasks of the company workforce. It, therefore, improves the productivity of its field operations.
A good FSM system enables smooth collaboration between technicians and enhances efficiency in the customer service department.

In the beginning, it may be a daunting task for you to implement FSM software for business, but it only takes some planning to ease the complex process. Every company needs to validate and predefine the technological change before actually employing it, so it is advisable to standardise the process in order to achieve real benefits. 

Selecting FSM software with proper implementation support is your first step before implementing it. In this article, we will give you some FSM software implementation tips for Collabit Software.  


How to Implement FSM Software for Business: The Steps


Prepare for Security and Technical Requirements 

Collabit Software’s field service management system is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. However, with no proper preparations, its implementation can backfire and stop you from using the software’s whole potential. The most important factor for a successful implementation of any FSM software is having tech-savvy employees on your team. Without the required technological preparations, your company may face many software difficulties. 


Luckily, being technologically prepared doesn’t really incorporate many requirements. Collabit Software offers a cloud-based field management service that won’t require any massive equipment investments on your part. 


In case your company has been using the same computers and phone systems in the workplace for 5 years or longer, it would be wise to check the equipment’s current capabilities in terms of what the FSM software as a service (SaaS) requires. Some of the steps you might need to take include:

  • Upgrade the interface on the desktop and laptop computers in your workplace;
  • Have all field technicians employ smartphones in their equipment;
  • Get in touch with your Internet provider and get the fastest speed. 




Grasp the Security Protocols


Like any other FSM software, the implementation of the Collabit Software comes with certain security implications you need to consider. Even if you run a small business with little data stored on your computers, exposing your data during the FSM implementation is the last thing you need.

In fact, small business data can be even more important than big business data. When customers are dealing with big corporations, a data breach may not come as a surprise. However, when it comes to smaller and trustworthy providers, cyberattacks would be a bigger issue to tackle.

Most SaaS security issues are caused by user errors, which is why employees must handle FSM software with caution. Most importantly, you should establish clear communication with your provider implementation team and follow their FSM software implementation tips and guidance concerning data protection. 

Unlike some competitors that may exclude proper guidance in the implementation process, Collabit Software guarantees to keep your overall workforce flow and your information secure.




How Can I Implement FSM Software for My Business?


Once you make sure your company has the required technology and professional assistance to properly implement an FSM software, it is time to use the benefits of the field service management system. Here, training will be necessary, regardless of the size of your company. Make the best out of the user instructions and provider guidelines and use these to outline a clear plan of all necessary steps to take.

Collabit Software provides its users with training materials and instructions that will help them implement the software successfully. You can print out these handy guidelines and keep a copy on hand for your less tech-savvy employees. We recommend you hold a formal workshop, guide each employee in the usage of the new technology, and monitor the way they handle the novelties. If a particular employee needs more time and help, plan a one-on-one session to gain maximum efficiency.

By implementing FSM for business accordingly, your employees’ learning process will be quick and your company will immediately see the benefits of the intuitive software. Field technicians will be the ones using the software the most, so they should know all its necessary features, like accepting a job through a smartphone or tablet application. Nevertheless, it is wiser for all employees to learn the features of FSM software, including invoicing. 

With successful comprehensive training, every worker should be able to help customers in the absence of other experts.


Introduce the System to Your Employees


The most significant setback you can experience when implementing new small-business technology is employees not wanting to use the system. Before you outline your implementation steps, you should acquire buy-in from everyone involved in the usage of the software. This includes the front office, field technicians, and every contractor you regularly collaborate with. 

Many people tend to be sceptical of new software, even if the currently used technology is outdated and difficult to handle. Therefore, it would be wise to start sharing software testimonials and reviews with your employees, so they can see the benefits of field service management through the eyes of other users. As soon as they realise the improvements this new technology brings, they will be enthusiastic about its implementation.

Once your employees approve of the software, the next step is to guide them through a demo version. This way, they can get a direct perspective of the user-friendly nature of the FSM software. Make your employees aware that the new technology will not disrupt their professional life. On the contrary, it will make them more efficient in satisfying customers’ needs.


Implement Collabit Software for Your Business: The Verdict


With Collabit Software, you can minimise the stress of FSM software implementation and enjoy maximum guidance through the process, alongside non-stop customer support and affordability. 

When your company successfully implements Collabit’s field service management software and gets all employees to use it, your customers will enjoy an overall improvement in your business management sector. As a result, this will lead to increased profits and overall boosted market reputability.  



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