How much time do you spend managing sampling jobs and sorting through the results?

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Date: 8 February 2022

Chris Barnes


How much time do you spend sampling jobs and then sorting through the results? 

We have discovered that for many of our customers this is quite a time-draining and admin-heavy aspect of the water hygiene and treatment area of work.


Gain Efficiencies & Make Complex Processes Simple. Collabit helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.


This is why we designed a workflow system specifically for that industry, in order to make it simple, more efficient and save you and your company a lot of time!

It usually looks something like this: first, you write out a paper form of all the samples you have taken on the site and then you send it to the lab with those samples. Later, you get back the results with the UKAS accredited certificate and then you write them in or look them up against the table to see if there’s any non-conformance to be found and resolved. All this back-and-forth can be incredibly time consuming, but you probably already know that.



Here comes the good news: Collabit does it for you so that you can save a lot of admin time!

In the Collabit system, once you finished collecting samples on the site, then those specific jobs which require it (such as microbiological sampling or Legionnaires’ sampling) will be taken away from the other jobs that don’t need sampling and put into a special list. It’s going to be a handy place, where all of the jobs that are waiting for sample results to come back, are gathered in one place. 

The engineer will then put the number of samples they’ve taken in their mobile device. If they wish to, they can also scan the barcode (because Collabit allows you to use barcode scanning as well) or they can just put in the sample number. The system will then automatically create a sample sheet. This sheet will be created based on what the lab needs to sample. Once it’s done, you can simply e-mail it to the lab automatically, after the job has been signed off on the mobile as a completed task. When the lab comes back with the certificate, it can be added to that job in the system. This means that you will have your report with the certificate all there in one place and the sample results can be entered in too. 

Collabit will automatically work out, which ones are in or out of compliance, based on the rules that you set. The software obviously comes with a default setting, in accordance with the regular control association guidelines. However, you can easily customise them, so they fully match your preferences and needs. If that wasn’t enough – we also have links to certain labs, where we can take those results straight from their system!


As you can see, Collabit saves you and your company a very large number of hours per annum, in regards to the tiresome admin work. These are hours that you can now use to grow your business and Collabit is here to help you speed up the process. Ready to jump on board?

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