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World renowned engineering and construction company Laing O’Rourke have been using Collabit Software’s solution since 2018. The software is able to store a register of all assets within a build site in order to carry out any maintenance or checks required at the frequency needed for each different piece of equipment. 



The Problem


Throughout the construction of a building and especially during very large projects such as the Brighton Hospital 3T’s project, a great number of high value assets and systems need to be installed as part of the build but will not be operational for many months or years.


If these assets are not maintained correctly while they are static then they often will be damaged and in need of costly repair or worse will be damaged beyond repair which would need an expensive replacement which also can delay the whole project.


How do you make sure you are able to carry out the correct maintenance schedule and frequency of that maintenance for 1000’s of assets on a site?


On top of that problem, Laing O’Rourke found that even if they had carried out maintenance to the manufacturers guidelines the asset might still be in need of repair but with no way of proving they had followed the maintenance schedule perfectly they incurred the cost of the remedial works or replacements which often would dramatically eat into the projects profit.



The solution 


Collabit’s Mechanical Maintenance Solution is designed to solve these problems while cutting down on admin time and offers a better service to the end client.


Users of Collabit can build an asset register for any number of sites. These assets can be anything the user needs and will be stored in a format where you can easily see where these assets are located on the site.


These assets for example – A Chiller made by ACME Chiller Company can be loaded into the system with a maintenance program that follows the guidelines given by ACME Chiller Company.


Once the schedules are in the system the maintenance jobs will appear on the planner for engineers to complete this work. The jobs can be accessed on a mobile device and will give the step by step actions needed to maintain the asset correctly. You can take photographic evidence of the work being completed. All of the results and evidence is then automatically compiled into a professional report that is filed away in the system.


On top of this, if any unusual results are recorded, other people in the company can be notified and further actions can be taken to prevent delays to the project.



The results


Laing O’Rourke have recently saved a very large sum of money which has given them a huge return on the investment made with Collabit’s software. LOR were able to prove that they had carried out the exact maintenance method and frequency advised by the manufacturers and were not liable to pay for any remedial works during the project.


“Laing O’Rourke has come up with some great ways to utilise Collabit Software’s unique technology and have really taken advantage of the fact that we can customise the system within a fraction of the time of other software providers” says Chris Barnes – Director of Collabit Software Ltd.


“The system records evidence when out in the field which is then uploaded into professional reports which are automatically stored and easy to find when needed” says Matt Phillips – Commissioning Manager.


Matt goes on to say “It saves time and resource producing maintenance documents and it even allows us to manage the sub-contractor jobs at the same time as planning our jobs in the Collabit calendar. The contractor reports are then embedded into the same format of Collabit documents.”


If you are interested in learning more about Collabit Software’s unique software or you have a requirement for a similar solution to this then please visit this link.


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