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Date: 11 April 2022

Chris Barnes


A Field Service Management Software is an ERP tool used by companies that need to modernise and organise their remote business and employees. It also means providing the best customer service in the field.


With years of experience offering niche-specific solutions, one of the industry leaders is Collabit – providing companies with a unique ERP software experience that helps them improve fieldwork and fight everyday challenges. 

Collabit listens to the needs of niche industries and awards them with a problem-solving toolkit. Collabit’s ERP software is used to shine a light on operation visibility by organising and delegating work to employees, tracking contractors’ work and requests, and controlling any task executed outside the office.



Gain Efficiencies & Make Complex Processes Simple. Collabit The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.



Field Service Management Software: Industry Application


The Field Service Management Software can be successfully applied in almost all industries, but let’s take a look at the ones that can get the most out of this software.

Gas Industry 

Used for safety, performance, and reliability. Oil and gas companies need to keep their employees safe, improve equipment operation, identify problems, assess the risks, and more.


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Manufacturing Industry 


Maintaining sustainable plants, optimizing the production process, delivering quality assurance and data insights, detecting defects, and more related services are in play here. Manufacturing companies need a helping hand in managing their operating plans and keeping employees satisfied.



Healthcare Industry 


Real-time 24/7 access to updated medical records is a necessity. Reduces time of searching through endless documentation, allows medical staff to focus on providing patients with the best health care instead of wasting time on filling in endless forms.



Energy Industry 


Renewable energy requires a reliable and affordable system to provide fluid equipment operation, identify risks and defects that need to be addressed in real-time, and enable a safe working environment for energy technicians.



Transportation Industry 


A useful tool for this industry, field service management software maintains detailed insight into the inventory of spare parts, drivers’ logs, fuel management, scheduling vehicle maintenance, and more.



Field Service Management Software: Features & Benefits


The Field Service Management Software offers a spectrum of features that assist field managers in performing their tasks. It also provides companies with the whole package of services. Most importantly, this designated ERP software poses a time-saving and cost-effective solution that facilitates the smooth running of company operations.



Dispatch, Scheduling, and Customer Service 


Customer service is a number one priority which is why it’s important to provide a fast response to problems. It’s the job of a field manager to follow up on quotes, work orders, scheduling, and dispatching of fieldwork. 

Dispatching work to field technicians is made easy thanks to Collabit’s designated ERP software. If the technicians need to get work orders, file paperwork, or report on a completed job, they had to go to commute.

But, the Collabit Field Service Management Software allows them to save time and be more efficient. 

With it, field managers can assign tasks, coordinate the technicians’ schedules, arrange new jobs and appointments, supervise project completion time, and monitor the progress of their subordinates. 



Inventory Management


Forget physically counting stock and filling in spreadsheets – Collabit’s Field Service Management Software allows companies to always have real-time access and insight into the correct number of supplies. The software shortens the inventory time and accuracy and allows companies to allocate resources to more needed departments.

Its speedy performance allows supervisors to check the status of the stock and make timely orders. A real-time view allows technicians to estimate the time of completion in case of awaiting ordered goods, thus saving them several trips to the warehouse. 

Tracking and Maintenance of Vehicles


Field Service Management Software may also help avoid misuse of company time and resources by calculating the exact route and time it will take to provide timely service. 

Planning routes is not only a time-saver but is also cost-effective because it saves companies gas money. It is a superb tool that keeps track and ensures scheduled vehicle maintenance, whilst also planning to keep a vehicle out of use and replace it with another. 


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Why Choose an ERP Field Service Management Software


If most company employees spend their time outside the office and in the field, there is no doubt that Collabit’s software will hit that target. 

The Collabit FMS is a useful tool that allows for asset management and the location of all company working sites. It also tracks and manages company-wide inventory, resource planning, delegated tasks, completed assignments, and more.



Field Service Management Software: What to Look For


Vetting through vendor quotes for purchasing a Field Service Management Software may be an exhaustive process. What to look for when making the right choice?

Price of the Software


The cost of purchasing FSM highly depends on the needs and plans offered by the vendors. Consider the company size and number of FSM users, customization of the system, different fees for setup, storage, and support, as well as the overall needs of the company. 



Skipping the human factor is sometimes a necessity in offering top customer service. This means giving technicians the tool to automatically complete paperwork, get new assignments, and enable solutions that allow them to complete their job faster. During this time, supervisors may oversee the entire process and turn their attention to other tasks.





Mobile apps have proven to be the most useful tool in modern business operations. They facilitate communication, offer a real-time update on the overall workflow pipeline, inventory, and tasks.  



Why Trust the Collabit ERP Field Service Management Software?


Assessing a company’s needs is a must when deciding to implement Field Service Management Software. Collabit FMS is not only a comprehensive tool but also an investment in the future of the business.

You can trust Collabit to provide your company with a modern tool for a stress-free working environment that will allow meeting customer needs and employees to improve their working process. 

Collabit’s best FMS software assists companies in becoming more efficient by offering in-house and outsourced teams access to a custom-made connected system.

Offering a tailored connected system for entire companies – visit our website to learn more about Collabit’s spectrum of solutions


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