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Primary Water Group Achieve Operational Excellence, Cost Savings and Double Remedial business using the Collabit Software Platform

Collabit / Success Story / Primary Water Group

Over almost 20 years of operation Primary Water Group have forged their way as industry leaders, all the while developing a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. This dedication to providing the best customer service is precisely what led Primary Water Group to explore innovative technologies like Collabit. Before working with Collabit in 2020, they were grappling with a multitude of common industry issues such as missing out on remedial works, difficulty tracking PPM’s and too many admin tasks taking time and resources away from their core operations.


We interviewed Technical Manager, Ray Davies to find out more.


“Since using Collabit, remedial and reactive works have doubled year on year”.


By leveraging the system’s resource planning feature, Primary Water Group has been able to “keep tabs on employee locations in real-time”, allowing the business’ reactive side to initiate quick project starts when needed. Strategically allocating staff resources has resulted in notable cost-savings on operational expenses.This coupled with the increase in new projects have not only upgraded project profitability but also enhanced overall business margins.


“Collabit saves us 15 minutes per quotation, we provide an estimated 1500 quotations per year”.


Previously, Primary Water Group had been reliant on a manual quote tracking spreadsheet, coupled with manual file handling procedures – a method which posed the risk of errors due to human oversight. The implementation of Collabit has led to a substantial reduction in the time allocated to this process, resulting in saving in excess of 375 man-hours in their quotation process alone. Therefore, Collabit saves approximately 31.25 hours per month in the quotation process alone… basically that’s an entire week’s work for one person every single month!! 


“Collabit has transformed our paperwork trail”.


Collabit has completely overhauled Primary Water Group’s workflow, improving their paperwork trail and yielding significant advancements in compliance and quality assurance standards. Through deployment of our intuitive system, they have been able to make improvements in critical areas such as reporting, approvals, and order acceptances. Additionally, the workflow has guaranteed no jobs are forgotten, enabling Primary to “grow as a business and enhance communication with clients” as well as “identify prior weaknesses” in their processes.


“Collabit has proven to be incredibly beneficial for our business, especially with the valuable feedback we receive from our clients regarding the client-facing portal and reporting”.


Collabit’s customised reporting feature has significantly bolstered Primary Water Group’s project tracking and approval management capabilities. By enabling automated flags for non-conformances, the handling of such issues has become seamless and virtually effortless. Any deviations from specified ranges are promptly identified, triggering immediate notification and automatic report generation – quoting for further work is an additional one step process. This feature has not only enhanced their ability to detect and address these issues but has also transformed the way they communicate these matters to their customers.


“Collabit portal is by far the most intuitive and easy to navigate”.


Utilising Collabit’s Customer Portal has allowed Primary Water Group to seamlessly exchange data with their clients. This has led to a surge in business. Clients have praised Collabit’s intuitive interface, citing it as the most user-friendly portal they’ve come across. One in particular stating that “of all the portals they access, Collabit portal is by far the most intuitive and easy to navigate”. The very same client awarded an additional local project to Primary on that basis alone!


“We see Collabit as an important partner in the continued successes of the business”. 


Collabit has proven to be an invaluable asset in Primary Water Group’s journey towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction. From streamlining workflows to enhancing communication and boosting profitability, Collabit’s innovative features have catalysed significant improvements across all facets of their business operations. 


“Flawless support… they always respond back to queries or other items typically within a couple of hours.”


In conclusion, Primary Water Group’s Collabit journey epitomises operational excellence, cost savings, and client satisfaction. Transformative impacts on remedial business and streamlined workflows underscore the benefits of the right software partnership. With dedication and innovative tech like Collabit, they showcase the recipe for unparalleled success in water treatment. Their story is a testament to the endless possibilities when businesses embrace strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions.

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