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Based in the heart of Wales, J&D Water Consultants go beyond basic water treatment, offering a comprehensive and customised approach to water hygiene and management. Similar to many water hygiene and treatment companies they were fully committed to growth and enhancing services for their customers but were struggling to keep up with their old paper based systems. They needed something more streamlined that could keep up with the demands of their business, and that’s what prompted them to start using Collabit in 2021.

To gain insights into the impact of Collabit on their operations, we spoke with Lynnette Harding, J&D’s General Manager.


“Collabit has given us the freedom to expand”.


Investment in Collabit has propelled J&D Water Consultants from a modest entity to a dominant force in the Welsh Water Treatment sector. The system’s implementation has facilitated a remarkable transformation, enabling the company “to secure tenders that were previously beyond [their] capacity.”, with the company’s General Manager also citing, “This system has made a complete difference to the structure and efficiency of this company.” Prior to adopting Collabit, the company grappled with managing its operations using outdated paper-based systems, employing a team of 18 individuals. However, since integrating Collabit, the company’s workforce has burgeoned to 27 employees, with projections to exceed 30 by the end of 2024.


“We have saved so much time, it has freed up 2 full time


The implementation of Collabit has facilitated substantial time savings for J&D Water Consultants, which has subsequently translated into significant cost reductions. Utilising the platform to automate their entire quoting, planning, reporting and invoicing processes has allowed them to strategically reallocate resources, freeing up two personnel. With the equivalent workload of two full-time employees now freed up, the company has been able to redirect its focus towards enhancing internal processes, optimising system functionality, and driving sales initiatives, resulting in increased operational efficiency, streamlined workflows, and ultimately, improved bottom-line results for J&D Water Consultants.


“Time saved by Collabit cannot be measured in hours, it is
weeks / months”.


The implementation of Collabit’s streamlined quoting process has resulted in a notable surge in the acceptance rate of quotes for remedial work. This sudden uptick, coupled with the time saved through Collabit’s efficient staff reallocation and task automation, has had a profound impact on J&D Water Consultants’ financial performance. These improvements represent not just incremental gains, but rather significant leaps in productivity and revenue potential. With tasks completed more swiftly and accurately, J&D has experienced heightened operational efficiency, allowing them to take on more projects and serve their clients more effectively.


“Collabit grows and develops with you.”


Unlike conventional off-the-shelf software packages, Collabit’s dynamic framework offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing J&D to tailor the system to their unique requirements. This bespoke approach has empowered J&D to enhance service delivery, surpass client expectations, and secure new business opportunities, Lynnette even commenting “Collabit have constantly listened to our requests and wish lists and have implemented several points we have raised. This system will develop to the needs of its clients, which is perfect for us. Other packages we looked at were set in stone, did not offer any flexibility and is one of the main reasons we opted for Collabit, and so pleased we did.”


“Collabit has become an essential audit tool”


Leveraging Collabit’s intuitive interface and robust analytics, J&D’s management team has gained invaluable insights to drive informed decision-making and optimise resource allocation. With Collabit as their technology partner, J&D Water Consultants is well-positioned to scale operations seamlessly, adapt to market dynamics, and sustain long-term success in the competitive water treatment sector.


“Our clients are fully committed to us and to Collabit.”


The Customer Portal has garnered praise from both J&D and their clientele. With all documents, service history reports, and certificates conveniently housed in one central location, clients commend the efficiency and accessibility facilitated by Collabit’s platform. As one client noted, “It’s the first time they have had all documents in one place,” underscoring the transformative impact of Collabit’s Customer Portal on enhancing transparency and ease of access for all stakeholders. Furthermore, J&D’s proactive approach to incorporating client feedback into Collabit’s development roadmap ensures that the system evolves in tandem with the evolving needs of both J&D and their clients.


“Great support from the outset.”

Lynette continues, “the support centre always responds promptly and is very knowledgeable. If they don’t have the answer, they will get back to us once they consult others in the team.”


“Collabit has no limits and using this system, neither do


Through Collabit’s intuitive platform and responsive support, J&D has experienced remarkable transformations across their operations. From substantial time savings and increased profitability to enhanced service delivery and streamlined workflows, Collabit has proven to be an indispensable asset for J&D’s success. Moreover, Collabit’s flexibility and commitment to evolving alongside its clients have enabled J&D to stay ahead of the curve. As J&D continues to expand its workforce and clientele, Collabit remains a steadfast partner, empowering them to reach new heights of excellence. With Collabit, there are no limits to J&D’s potential, affirming their shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled service delivery.


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