Do you spend a lot of time creating job reports like Legionella Risk Assessments?

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Date: 3 January 2022

Chris Barnes


As a business owner, you know one thing for sure: time is money. And if you had to come up with a list of tasks that consume a lot of your time and effort, while not really bringing any money in, job reports would be probably high on that list. How about Legionella Risk Assessment – does it rhyme with “time-consuming”? It definitely should. 



Gain Efficiencies & Make Complex Processes Simple. Collabit helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.



We’ve worked with a lot of Legionella control companies in the UK and one of the biggest issues they have is the amount of admin time it takes them to capture the data on the site and turn it into an efficient report that can then be sent to the customer. 



That’s why today we are happy to tell you that Collabit has a number of ways that can simplify that process! 


Let’s go through some of those ways by showing you an example of Legionella Risk Assessment, made easier thanks to Collabit!




What’s great about this one, is that it comes as a standard, but can be easily customised and optimised for each customer, as part of our onboarding process. We want to give you a Legionella Risk Assessment process that works exactly the way that you do. 


This form uses an asset register that Collabit builds on-site. This means you can go on the site and put in the system all the floors and rooms that are there, as well as all the assets within those floors and rooms. From there on, the form will take care of asking you various questions, based on what the assets are, which will overall save you a lot of time.


Just to give you an example: you can have an introduction page with all the fixed text that you need or you could have the summary of the premises, or you could even have a traffic car system – and then those things can get automatically filled in. In case we did not stress this enough – those are only general examples, because this whole system is very customisable, depending on your needs.


Moreover, Collabit allows you to capture things on-site, like photos of assets and/or of the work you’ve done. Thus, it can calculate the risk based on one answer or a compilation of a few particular answers, depending on your preferences. All of this means that you are able to put together not only the most optimum way of capturing the data on your mobile on-site, but you can also easily generate a PDF document right away, which will rid you of that painful admin work.



We know that because of what we found out with many of our customers, it takes a day or even half a day to capture all the information on the site. Then you still have to spend another day (or more, in some cases) on putting together a complete report. Such a waste of your time that could be spent on earning money for your company, don’t you think?


Also, did we already happen to mention that in the majority of cases, we work with our clients to customise the system? They are able to make it uniquely their own, so it responds perfectly to their individual needs and they are never forced to just use a generic form.

Our goal is for our customers to save both time and money. So, how much time and money can we save you?


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