Collabit Receives Workflow Management Software Accolade From Trusted B2B Review Marketplace

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Date: 5 October 2022

Chris Barnes

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Collabit Receives Workflow Management Software Accolade From Trusted B2B Review Marketplace 


Collabit has received an award from a leading B2B review site for its remarkable performance as a workflow management and CMMS platform. 



The Rising Star Award is given by FinancesOnline, a B2B software review portal that’s known for its amazing resources on software and financial products. The Rising Star Award is given to software that has obtained rapid market validation in just a short period. 



Among other criteria, FinancesOnline evaluated Collabit based on the quality of its overall digital presence. Its experts have curated reviews, channel feedback, and positive comments as a mark of user satisfaction. Software reviewers from FinancesOnline also wrote a detailed Collabit review and praised the app’s amazing resource planning and management features. 



The review mentions Collabits’ features and benefits as a CMMS and FSM platform. It discussed Collabit’s useful resource planning solutions that are built to reduce time and effort when it comes to scheduling, tracking, and managing resources. With the solution, you can plan jobs using the calendar or the map planner. You can also filter jobs to see them based on tags such as type, skills, etc. 


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With this Collabit feature, businesses are able to efficiently plan and manage their workforce through a register where all of their data are on record. Collabit’s CM solution allows businesses to see on record the number of sites, properties, or assets they own. 



Another important feature commended is Collabit’s ability to help streamline workflow. This is incredibly useful in boosting worker productivity, customer service, and overall revenue. By allowing businesses to actively monitor engagement with sales leads through their campaigns, they can easily plan and create better strategies for success. 



When it comes to gathering data for better insight and planning, Collabit does a truly impressive job. The platform has its own intuitive dashboard that collects data from the system without the need to use spreadsheets or connect several tools. Data on sales, operations, customer service, invoices, and other work activities are all recorded and can be accessed by permitted departments or individuals in the company. You can also see which jobs and tasks are overdue, completed, and invoiced. 



Overall, Collabit’s features provide several time-saving solutions that are suitable for all departments in a business. These solutions are also fully customizable, allowing you to process and manage your business in a way that works for you. All of these time-saving features can also be found on FinanceOnline’s list of best workflow management software solutions



Collabit would like to thank FinancesOnline for the Rising Star Award and for acknowledging our hard work in making this product. We are motivated to improve and create better workflow management solutions to make our customer’s lives even easier. 



We also express our gratitude to our loyal customers and clients who continually use Collabit for their business needs. Rest assured that we’ll keep improving our services to provide you with better solutions for the needs of your growing business. We look forward to working with you more in the future.




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