What Are the Benefits of Using a CAFM System?

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Date: 5 December 2022

Chris Barnes

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Manual work has long been present in the working environments of facility managers and business owners of companies that rely on data to function. Such actions result in exaggerated paperwork, complaints, working losses, and tribulation in calculating operational costs. 

Moreover, companies still using manual work instead of computer-assisted operations face critical information loss, equipment malfunctioning, and inefficient asset and space management. However, all of the hardships can be halted by simply replacing manual work with technology, i.e., implementing a CAFM system. 

Other than easing appraisals, maintenance, and tenant relations, CAFM software will also manage sub-contractors and monitor compliance. A well-rounded CAFM software can be your one and only asset for storing management-related data, facility blueprints, operational logs, and more. 

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Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

Why Is a CAFM System Crucial for Businesses?

CAFM, which is short for Computer-Aided Facility Management, is a management software designed to take on the tasks of manual labour and ease the process of conveying maintenance assignments. The main goal of the software is to advance and automate property operations daily.

One of the main reasons why your business should have a CAFM system is that the software can be climacteric for uniting and simplifying the operations between facilities that work toward the same goal. Moreover, the facility management system will help the facility managers and business owners stay in the loop of conducted operations and the relations between tenants. 

Five of the major reasons businesses should use a CAFM solution encompass the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Cost
  • Integration
  • Flexibility
  • Big Data

Before Choosing CAFM Software

Although the core of CAFM software is the same for all market variations of the software, they can vary in design, features, properties, and capabilities. Before you make the final decision to implement a CAFM solution, make sure you outline your business goals first.

Furthermore, acquaint your employees with the system and prepare them for cooperation. It’s crucial that even the tiniest details about the system are clearly explained, especially to members of your company that will run the software the most.

Plus, for the software to run as smoothly as possible and deliver expected results, all data should be properly entered.

Top Benefits of Implementing CAFM Software

Simplifying and unifying the maintenance process amongst each and every working location in your company is only the tip of the iceberg of benefits that come with using facility management software. Moreover, you’ll cut back on unnecessary costs and render your workflow more orderly. 

From PPM to multi-site management, let’s break down the most noteworthy benefits your business can experience by using CAFM software.

Portfolio and Multi-Site Management

If you’re a business owner that has spread its operational practices outside the borders of your home country, you might have difficulty staying on top of the operational happenings in every business location. 

By implementing a CAFM solution, you can easily manage the entirety of your business portfolio from a single outlet. With the level of control you get by using the software, you can rest assured every business site you own abides by the same working rules and regulations. 

Moreover, you can manage the facility assets with a single click of a button from anywhere in the world. Or simply put, regardless of where you are, you can always know everything that is happening in your business and be able to manage it quickly and efficiently.

You’ll always have access to the lifecycle of an asset, get feedback from your employees from different working locations, and see any relevant data for any business site you operate in. Plus, the software allows for easy storing of maintenance data and management history while also establishing working criteria using gathered data from each site. 

Streamline Reactive Maintenance and Work Order Management

Facility managers find CAFM software to be the best business collaborator helping them stay on top of the tiniest maintenance issue. Due to nifty features like reactive maintenance, facility managers can act beforehand and prevent major equipment mishaps.

CAFM will help you simplify the maintenance process and devise effective work order management so nothing is overlooked. Regardless of whether it’s an unplanned malfunction or scheduled maintenance, the software will convey the right action every single time. 

Besides keeping track of management procedures, the software will also calculate potential costs and manage them properly. 

Enhance Preventive and Planned Maintenance

PPM, short for Preventive and Planned Maintenance, is a huge deal for facility managers. Being able to cut back on effort, funds, and time on repair tasks is the ultimate achievement for any business.

PPM is the proactive approach facility managers take that trumps any other in-the-spur-of-the-moment approach. A CAFM solution delivers effective solutions applicable to field services while entitling your facility managers to hold the reins on maintenance and management.

PPM can help extend the lifecycle of your equipment by scheduling regular checkups. By doing so, your facility manager can help your business assets stay in a downtime-free state, minimising repair costs to the maximum. 

Your site manager will be in the loop of what needs replacement rather than repair, so your business will eventually save money. Ultimately, PPM software will aid your business in reducing equipment downtime and minimise the need for major repairs. 

You can schedule asset check-up times and automate the process with ease. That way, the site manager will control the equipment’s state and act accordingly before major repairs or replacements are needed. Plus, fewer costs for your business are always welcomed, and PPM software excels in that field. 

The Verdict: Can Implementing a CAFM Solution Benefit Your Business?

From making your facility management substantially easier to preventing equipment breakdown and minimising gear downtime, a well-rounded CAFM software can benefit your business to stay afloat and ensure smooth operation.

Investing in a CAFM system will lessen the burden of keeping multi-site management operations in check and ensure your business operations run smoothly anywhere in the world. The best thing? All information can be accessed on a single platform. 

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