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Date: 8 April 2022

Chris Barnes



According to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005, every organization demands assigning a professional to conduct a risk assessment that tracks, manages, and reduces the risks of fire within the company. 

This makes fire safety one of the greatest direct responsibilities of a business owner or employer.


Regardless of the size of your company, fire safety compliance is a legal requirement that must be followed so as to protect both the staff and business premises from fire hazards. Establishing solid fire protection and safety equipment typically includes maintenance services for commercial and public sector customers at several sites. 


The critical nature of the equipment involved makes it crucial to obtain a designated fire safety compliance software – like Collabit – UK’s finest provider of convenient risk assessments that enhances the general effectiveness of your business.



The Importance of Fire Safety Compliance in the Workplace



Fire is one of the potential threats to every property, both residential and commercial.
As a part of any company, every worker is legally guaranteed to be provided with a working environment that is fire-proof at all times. Therefore, employers are directly responsible for the protection of their staff from this hazard. 

Here are the main procedures covered by fire safety compliance:


  • Creating fire prevention plans, designed to maximize the protection of the company’s employees against fire hazards;
  • Initiating frequent fire safety checks to identify fire-prone circumstances
  • Conducting fire drills to teach the staff about what to do and where to go in case of a fire. Here, annual fire drills are recommended in order to prepare your workers to safely handle a possible fire and reduce the risk of damage and injuries.


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Collabit: The Best Fire Safety Compliance Software Solutions in the UK



Confirmed by a spectrum of favorable customer experiences, Collabit’s fire safety compliance software is the best option for UK businesses looking to efficiently address fire risk in the workplace.


Our designated software satisfies the needs of companies in different fields and recognises the related issues of a particular industry. We have created flexible and easy-to-implement fire safety compliance solutions in the shape of software offering anything from risk assessment templates to suitable tools that maintain and monitor fire risks, emergency fire equipment and more. 


Offering a tailored solution that works hand in hand with the needs of any company, the Collabit Fire Safety Compliance Software tends to the common issues businesses face in their industry by presenting an easily implementable solution that enhances visibility, boosts customer service and leads to overall greater efficiency. 


Library of Forms


One of the most important features of Collabit’s fire safety compliance ERP software is the specially designed library of forms that align with the highest standards of the fire compliance industry. 


These forms have evolved through continuous work, boosting overall customer acknowledgement of their efficiency. Collabit’s forms are 100% customizable – you can adjust them to the specific business dynamics within your company. 


In our library, you can find all of the frequently used job forms linked to fire safety compliance, such as Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Damper Testing.
When using these forms, you are totally free to make adjustments and tweaks, therefore making each form unique for the needs of your company. 


Collabit’s customer service representatives are available 24/7 and will be pleased to assist you in handling the process of customization of these forms the easy way.  

Resource Planning


With Collabit’s top-notch ERP software, you can plan all incoming jobs in your business coming from schedules, closed sales opportunities, or remedial works that have been found in particular jobs. 


Not only can you make your business management considerably easier by using our calendar view or map planner view, but you can also filter different jobs based on tags, job types, engineering skills, and more. Collabit’s software can automatically classify all current overdue jobs beyond the planning period into site locations so that you can handle them in one visit. With this system, you have easy access to all planned, completed, overdue, and invoiced jobs. 


In addition to that, our software can use Google Drivetime to complete the required tasks and outline the ideal workday for engineers. 

Non-Conformance Management


Collabit’s fire safety compliance software makes it easy to make sure that all compliance-related issues have been logged and that the whole staff is informed on how to resolve them the best. 


The non-conformances are generally based on the rules implied within the job forms and allow customization according to your company’s needs. You can set different levels of non-conformance in order to efficiently show their severity to customers. 


Non-conformances can also go along with workflows. This way, they can enable support tickets, job report recommendations, or merely be available on the customer portal.
The non-conformances can be filtered by type, targeted site, or customer. You can create the rules for every kind of issue according to the functioning of your business.

Asset and Location Management


Our fire safety compliance software has an asset register designed for every site that contains employees carrying out their jobs. 


This way, you get instant and on-site access to all the locations (such as floors and rooms), along with the assets located in them. 


Accessibility of All Data in One Place


Collabit lets you collect all of your company data in one system, which can significantly benefit the efficiency of your management team.

This way, you can handle the fire safety compliance issue with no fuss in one single place. 




Collabit: Fire Safety Compliance ERP Software Done Right 



UK laws are pretty strict in commanding business owners to address fire safety compliance efficiently and accurately. In case of inspections, you are required to provide immediate access to results from your relevant fire safety regulations.

This is why it is crucial to invest in a solid fire safety compliance software option from a provider with vast experience in your industry.

By choosing Collabit, your company will be covered both in terms of fire risk management and the overall transparency of your business.


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