The UK’s Best CAFM Software: How to Find It & Why Your Business Needs It

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Date: 21 November 2022

Chris Barnes


The UK’s Best CAFM System.

Computer-Aided Facilities Management, or CAFM for short, is a computer software that companies use in various working environments to ease the management process. Offices, commercial establishments, and real estate properties are only some of the workplace environments that can benefit from using a CAFM system. 

As a facility-management tool, CAFM software is essentially designed to aid with the optimisation of facility tasks and responsibilities. The software is a nifty tool for managers running multiple locations to efficiently plan and execute strategies regarding maintenance, procurement, and more.  

Continue reading to learn how to find the best CAFM system in the UK, as well as understand its benefits for your business. You’ll see how your firm can elevate its level of success by simply using a handy tool like CAFM.

What Is CAFM Exactly?

As a maintenance tool, CAFM helps businesses automate their maintenance duties. Moreover, such software can also enhance a business’s space-management strategies and improve the facilities’ security measures and outcomes.

Furthermore, when a business uses CAFM, equipment like HVAC systems can be easily and securely managed. The many features of CAFM software help managers and business owners establish a fully functioning and result-delivering workforce, performing its duties in a safe working surrounding. 

What Can CAFM Software Do for Your Business?

If you use CAFM software, you can analyse, track, and manage every facility operation data from a single place. Anything from the safety of the employees and basic maintenance to space management and the facility’s blueprints can be accessed easily. 

One of the major upsides of CAFM software is that it allows for task automation. In other words, you won’t be required to keep up with the changes and updates of the machinery and maintenance tasks by hand – the system will do it on its own. 

Let’s go over the most substantial advantages of CAFM software for your business. 

  • Monitoring and managing assets as they change locations;
  • Simplifying work orders, like outsourcing repairs;
  • Minimising equipment downtime using PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance);
  • Securing the work environment;
  • Safeguarding the safety, health, and welfare of the occupants in the facility;
  • Compatible for use with CAD and BIM modelling systems;
  • Upgrading the management of the workplace via space and allocation management;
  • Memorising information and blueprints of the facility;
  • Delivering information about the particularities of the use of working space.

In essence, the CASM software can be divided into two main functionalities: hard FM services and soft FM services. The first revolves around the property’s physical elements, whereas the second encompasses the workplace as a wholesome unit. Let’s break down the basics of the two branches of CAFM.

Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit
Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

The Essentials of Hard FM Services 

Hard FM services include any physical part of your business’s working facilities. Such parts simply cannot be removed from the location to maximise the safety of the employees, visitors, guests, and so on.

Hard FM services include the following aspects of facility management:

  • Upkeep of HVAC systems, lighting, elevators, and plumbing systems;
  • Maintaining the foundation of the facility (structural maintenance);
  • Confirming the fire safety systems are promptly inspected and deemed in working condition;
  • Reacting to work orders and safety inquiries.

The Essentials of Soft FM Services

As opposed to hard FM services, soft services revolve around the whole workplace. From ensuring the working environment is a pleasant and safe surrounding for the occupants to tending to interpersonal relations, soft FM services have proven to go well hand in hand with hard services.

Comparatively, soft services are more extensive and complex than hard FM services. Well-encompassed soft FM services include the following:

  • Ensuring uninterrupted interpersonal relations between departments in a facility;
  • Making sure the common areas like office spaces, conference rooms, and restrooms are clean;
  • Computing ROI marks for the company’s assets;
  • Securing the working spaces using CCTV;
  • Maintaining a waste-free working environment;
  • Tending to recycle and waste management;
  • Delivering catering services.

What to Look for in CAFM Software?

If you’re considering optimising your working capabilities via CAFM software, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. First and foremost, outline your company’s business plan and see which area of business can be optimised. 

From keeping your business location secure to maintaining the parking area and the surrounding landscapes in tip-top shape, there are quite a few angles to cover when running a business. Moreover, you also need to make sure catering is available for your staff and equipment allocation is properly monitored. 

To make your decision-making process easier, here are two of the most trustworthy features of CAFM software to look for:

Planned Preventive Maintenance Management (PPM)

Your facility manager can use CAFM software to plan and schedule maintenance to avoid breakdowns and downtimes. A well-thought-of preventive maintenance strategy can shield your company from unnecessary expenses and minimise significant machinery mishaps in the future.

Furthermore, HVAC systems, elevators, and waste-management systems can all fall under PPM management and become automatically employed for preventative reasons. 

Work Order Management

Managers that operate multiple facilities might easily lose track of work orders and processes that are due. Having to cover so many angles to ensure smooth operation is not an easy task, which s where CAFM comes into play.

For instance, facility management software delivers options to safeguard all requests in a single place. From identifying to taking action, managers can choose how to proceed to ensure the best workflow.

Moreover, by using work order management services, facility managers can track work orders via one dashboard and access all relevant info immediately. By doing so, managers take on a more executive role that allows them to act independently without sharing the issue with upper management. 

Conclusion: Why Choose CAFM Software for Your Business?

CAFM software can be the right business move for you – from keeping all your work orders in one place to empowering facility managers to deliver executive orders and ensure possible mishaps are prevented promptly.

Minimise the downtime of your business assets and ensure your workflow is uninterrupted by simply choosing the best CMMS software in the UK – Collabit. See your business thrive with less effort than usual by using this complete CMMS software that works on the most crucial management part of CAFM!

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