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Date: 8 June 2023

Chris Barnes


Workflow Management Software

Simplify Invoicing

Invoicing can often be tedious, but with Collabit, you can send invoices directly from our platform with absolute confidence. Thanks to our invoice generator, administrative tasks are streamlined, freeing up valuable time. Regardless of your customers’ differing requirements, you can set separate invoice rules for all jobs scheduled in contracts. With our system, you can easily match completed jobs to invoices and even link to the Xero accounting platform.

A Customer-First Approach

Collabit places great importance on customer service. That’s why we’ve integrated a comprehensive helpdesk system into our software. With this feature, you can effortlessly log customer issues as support tickets and resolve them collaboratively as a team. The system allows you to review all open tickets to ensure customer satisfaction and store closed tickets for future reference. In addition, non-conformances flagged in jobs can automatically generate support tickets.

Simplify Your Business with Collabit

Our dashboards and management reports make it easy to manage your entire business. Whether you need high-level information about the business and departments or want to drill down for more detailed information about specific teams or individuals, Collabit has you covered.

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Other Standout Features

Contract Tracking and Renewals: Keep track of all your agreements with customers in one convenient place that requires minimal data entry or admin time.

Asset and Location Management: Collabit provides an asset register for every site you work on, detailing all locations and their respective assets.

Customer Query and Issue Management: Our integrated full helpdesk system ensures that you maintain high levels of customer service.

Ease of Information Access: By keeping all company data in one system, Collabit makes it easy to find the information you need without any fuss.

Employee Skills, Training, and Certification Tracking: The employee dashboard allows you to manage your team’s skills and certifications and track any training requirements.

In a world where efficiency is king, let Collabit be your trusted advisor, guiding your business towards greater productivity and profitability. Experience the power of seamless workflow management with the UK’s premier software solution.

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