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Date: 20 March 2022

Chris Barnes


Remedial Work Tracking Software


Track your remedial work, never lose out on additional follow-up business and ensure all remedial are invoiced.



Collabit ERP for Water Hygiene and Treatment Companies

Enjoy an all-encompassing remedial work tracking solution for your needs! 

Fit for over 100 collaborating companies, Collabit’s Compliance Solution uses a bespoke, niche-specialised ERP for water treatment – offering clients versatile support to water hygiene and treatment and Legionella control!



Remedial Works Tracking for Water Hygiene – One Solution Does It All!  

Designed as a functional ERP system, specifically tailored to water treatment and hygiene, the Collabit remedial work tracking process gains you maximum efficiency – and zero complexity! 

Our bespoke all in one system serves your entire company. Use the planner to organise jobs and the integrated workflow to show your reports once visits are completed. Then simply follow up with any remedial works highlighted by your Engineers 



The Collabit Way – Remedial Works Tracking Assets

Find, quote, monitor, track and resolve all water-related issues of your clients with our remedial works tracking feature!

From installation, insulation, and refurbishment to removal, maintenance and replacement – our solution pays special attention to your dosing systems, water equipment, pipes, storage tanks, and offers complete Legionella control!  





Pick up More Remedial Work On-Site – Keep Your Flow Running! 

Our Remedial Work Tracking feature integrates all remedial works within the Collabit-generated company workflow:

  • Remedial works function as a built-in part of the workflow 
  • Your Engineers can highlight any opportunities they spot for remedial works whilst on site
  • But Collabit can also replace the employee effort by automatically categorising out of spec assets as remedial works 
  • The ERP solution is setup bespoke to detect any potential remedial work on site
  • Once an opportunity for remedial works is registered, Collabit immediately lets you notify your client, with a quote if required

The Collabit Planner allows you to find and assign particular tasks for each engineer in your team. It’s the ultimate function for tackling necessary remedial works!

  • Send an Engineering team on-site to complete any remedial work;
  • Ask Engineers to record everything on their mobile devices;
  • All input is immediately logged within the workflow so you can review as work is being completed
  • Collabit’s workflow allows access to an instantly generated PDF report on all particular remedial works at hand;
  • Immediately send the automatically-generated Collabit PDF to customers –
    or arrange follow-up remedial works on-site when needed!



Collabit’s Remedial Work Tracking Software for On-Site and Automatic Highlighting  

With the bespoke, niche-specific Collabit ERP software, there are two ways to register and communicate new remedial work opportunities to the company:

On-Site Highlighting

The Collabit platform allows on-site company engineers to communicate new cases that need remedial work, with the company: 

  • Request instant registering and processing of the situation;
  • Defects in need of remedial work are best assessed and recognised in person – it’s the safest way to know if your company can help with the issue at hand;
  • Once an on-site engineer has registered a follow-up action in the system, an office employee reviews the request;
  • If the request is deemed legitimate, Collabit automatically moves on to the next steps – generating a quote, or generating a job – and an accompanying invoice.

Automatic Highlighting

With the Collabit Water Compliance Solution Remedial Works Tracking, automatic highlighting is performed online – typically by answering questions:

  • For any remedial work needed, trigger flags will notify the company that further work might be required;
  • In just a few clicks, the entire case will be registered, and an Engineer – sent to the location at hand!



Get Fast Quotes for Remedial Work with the Collabit Water Compliance Solution

When a job is completed, a quick quote can be generated to assess the situation and the work at hand. Next, these are sent directly to the customer – through the Collabit workflow.

  • If the client requests negotiation, Collabit changes the status until an agreement is met to find a solution 
  • Once approved, the quote is registered in the workflow and a job is generated. As soon as the job is done, a report and invoice is immediately sent.

Collabit Cares for Our – and Your – Customers

Collabit reaches out to clients and communicates all quotes directly to them.

Other functions of the Collabit Customer Portal enhance the remedial work-related experience: 

  • Customers can track the remedial work task progress via the portal schedule, and see jobs completed, in progress or pending;
  • They can also see an Electronic logbook showing who was on-site and on what date
  • Customers can download PDF versions of remedial works reports, with invoices of finished jobs directly sent to them.
  • They can also see a report of all outstanding non-conformances

Almost There – Monthly Reports and Dashboard Integration

After the client accepts the quote, the entire remedial works case is immediately integrated into the workflow.

  • Everything of relevance will be registered: location, cost, materials, type of remedial work done, name of clients, etc.
  • Remedial work records are automatically integrated within final sales reports and company dashboards; 
  • At the next company meeting, the dashboard will contain all necessary remedial work data alongside the final year’s sales reports



Remedial Work Tracking with Collabit’s ERP Software: FAQ

What Kind of Help Can Collabit’s Water Compliance Solution Offer?

A pre-built, niche-specific ERP system for water hygiene like the Collabit Water Compliance Solution simultaneously helps water hygiene and treatment companies in physical planning and internal management of their business. Clean and neat! 

What Are Remedial Works Exactly?

Remedial works for water systems include various kinds of activities that monitor, track, and resolve any water-related issues a business has. Examples include installation, maintenance, insulation, replacement, refurbishment, or removal of equipment, pipes, dosing systems, and storage tanks, as well as Legionella control.

Are Collabit’s Services Internally Connected in a Comprehensive Way?

As a renowned pre-built and niche-specific ERP system for water hygiene and treatment, Collabit doesn’t stop at simply covering the workflow data, but also mediates the relationship between all remedial work cases and other relevant company segments.


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