Do you miss out on remedial work? Or find it hard to plan and track remedial jobs?

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Date: 8 February 2022

Chris Barnes


How do I pick up remedial work on-site? How do I keep track of it? How do I ensure that it is all invoiced, done and then quoted for? And how can I do it all efficiently?

If those questions are running through your head, then look no further – here at Collabit you found your answer! 

A lot of the customers we have worked for had a very manual process for keeping track of their remedial work and as the consequence – it would often slip through the net. They would either forget to quote for it or they wouldn’t go on a site and do it at all. Sometimes it would get even worse – they would go on-site and do the remedial work, but then not invoice for it, which is obviously the worst-case scenario for any business. 


Gain Efficiencies & Make Complex Processes Simple. Collabit helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.


That’s when Collabit comes in and saves the day!

Thanks to Collabit software, you get to use the planner, which allows you to plan out the work for different engineers. Those engineers can then go on the site and complete all the remedial work with their mobile devices… And that still is not all that you can get with Collabit! 

After the job is completed and they’ve signed off on it, it goes into a workflow, where you can see the report in the PDF, which is automatically created. Better yet – it can be instantly emailed to the customer and if that wasn’t enough: it gives you a chance of doing any necessary follow-ups. 

Just to give you an example: imagine that someone has found some work on a site that they think could be remedial work. They would put it into the system, so then someone else in the office can go through these requests and decide whether they’re legitimate or not. If they are, in fact, legitimate, you can choose to create a quote for them or, if you’ve got yourself a deal with the customer, where you could just generate the job and then invoice it to them, you can simply do that. 

Depending on your preferences, this creates either a quote in the CRM side of the business or generates a new job for the planner to schedule. Then it goes through the workflow to be invoiced, done, quoted for… And thus completely taken care of from start to finish, so you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting any aspects of any remedial work ever again. 



This system is us making sure you pick up more remedial work with Collabit. And that’s just the beginning of what we can do to help you run your company smoothly and more efficiently. Are you ready to jump on board and take your business to the next level with Collabit?

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