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Date: 14 December 2022

Mike Morrison


FSM software is among the most sought-after software modern-day businesses use. Such software mainly helps elevate a business’s productivity rates and the chances of reaching all business goals more efficiently. 

At its core, an FSM system bears a couple of major perks. The first one is to exacerbate the chances of fully using accessible resources, and the second is to maximise customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of using an FSM system, such as Collabit, are abundant and apply to both small and large businesses. Those operating within popular and in-demand industries find FSM systems especially helpful in reaching customer expectations.

Continue reading to learn how Collabit’s well-rounded FSM system helps your business peak.


FSM Systems: An Essential Ally of Waste Companies

As an FSM system, Collabit allows businesses in the waste management industry to reach their business goals faster and minimise the margin for errors. The underlying importance of using an FSM system lies in its ability to gather relevant and crucial data that make for efficient workflow.

Waste companies tend to rely on specific data in order to carry out their service. So, having insufficient or inaccurate data can lead to client and financial loss. From improving the task-scheduling process to increasing invoice generation, an FSM system is the solution that modern-day waste companies need.

Here are 5 key benefits that stem from using an FSM system like Collabit. 

Improved Task Scheduling

A quality-made field service management software can prove essential for companies which draft and multitask several business operations at a time. With Collabit’s support, your management will have a breezy time outlining, organising, and assigning tasks.

Relying on a smooth and well-planned workflow is half the work done. Collabit’s FSM system ensures top-notch scheduling criteria that make task assignments easy to employ. With it, employees who are in charge of a certain project will be assigned those projects, without any chance of misjudgment. 

Collabit’s FSM system allows waste managers to distribute work successfully and streamline the work process. FSM systems add efficiency to all business planning processes, as well as intricate business analysis. 

Businesses in the waste industry, specifically, can make the most of task scheduling by avoiding errors like double-booking and missing task deadlines.

Digitised Paperwork

In the digital-first world of today, we are still seeing companies that keep hard copies of data and daily activity logs on paper. This outdated practice is not only inefficient and outdated, but can also increase the carbon footprint, leading to greater waste than the one it ought to sort out for companies.

Using outdated software or simple paper documenting files and processes can drastically reduce your company’s efficiency. Double-booking overlaps, as well as discrepancies in the scheduling data and dispatching issues become a thing of the past with a designated FSM system such as Collabit. 

Waste management usually entails the presence of different professional profiles. And by
incorporating an FSM system in your waste management company, you will ensure that every one of your employees will be assigned a corresponding task to complete. Plus, your employees will be notified of the progress they achieved directly on their smart devices – and in real-time.

An FSM system can be easily navigated through a dashboard. The dashboard features various aspects, like inventory management processing tools, history of customer service, and other relevant data like task descriptions, waste categorisation, photographs, etc.

Increased Invoice Effectiveness

An FSM system will make monetising your services an easy task. Invoicing is just as important a process as attracting clients, so ensure you are sending out invoices on time and addressed accordingly. 

To create the invoice, employees need to input relevant data that conditions the price. If done manually, the process can take several weeks to complete – unacceptable in the cut-throat business world of field service organisations. Now, by replacing manual work with an FSM system, field workers are able to gather and send in all relevant data on time. 

From the materials that have been used to deliver the service and work status alterations to the digital signature option, an FSM system will shorten data transit times and increase efficiency. 

Collabit’s FSM system is precisely designed to automatically generate invoices according to given parameters. It also calculates costs, so you won’t have to do it manually and risk erring. 

Minimises Waste & Tracks Equipment

Strange as it may sound, waste management firms can generate waste themselves. However, to make sure your company creates as little waste as possible, consider incorporating an FSM system.

Managing waste is a clear issue for many field service companies, including waste-managing businesses. By using an FSM system, however, your waste-management company will be able to keep an eye on the waste management cycle from beginning to end.

The system will handle tasks and actions related to waste collection and disposal. That way, your company will stay on top of all matters revolving around how much waste you produce – and how you dispose of it.

Besides managing waste, an FSM system like Collabit will also track your equipment and provide information on its whereabouts when needed. An FSM software makes use of telematics technologies that make equipment tracking possible. A well-rounded FSM software offers GPS tracking that can be used to gather information regarding unauthorised machinery usage. It can also deliver insight into the location of the equipment, in case it is stolen.  

Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit
Why should you be applying to have a free consultation with us_Collabit

Maximises Automation

For your waste-management company, incorporating Collabit’s FSM software will allow you to streamline your work processes more efficiently and schedule multiple operational tasks at a time. Collabit’s field management software will come in handy with preventing any operational obstacles and unwarranted costs. 

Waste management companies strive to avoid unforeseen costs and obstacles that can lead to inefficient operations hindering the efficiency of the working processes. If your company is using EAM or CMMS systems, pairing them with Collabit’s FMS system will boost the productivity and scalability of your company. Finally, implementing the Collabis FSM system will contribute to better task-coordinating procedures, done through intricate scheduling and planning. 

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