What makes a good facilities management software?

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Date: 15 March 2023

Chris Barnes


Facilities management is a crucial aspect of any business, as it ensures that the workplace is safe, clean, and functional. With the increasing complexity of modern facilities, it is essential to have the right tools to manage all the tasks involved in facilities management. This is where a good facilities management software comes in.

So, what makes a good facilities management software? Here are some key features to look for:

Ease of Use – A good facilities management software should be intuitive and easy to use. The user interface should be simple and straightforward, allowing users to quickly access the information they need and perform tasks with ease.

Customizable – Different facilities have different needs, so it’s important that the software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility. Customization options should include the ability to add and remove features, create custom reports, and tailor workflows to fit specific processes.

Comprehensive – A good facilities management software should be able to handle all aspects of facilities management, from work orders and preventative maintenance to asset management and inventory control. It should also have a centralized database to store all relevant data and documents.

Mobile-Friendly – With the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace, it’s essential that the facilities management software is mobile-friendly. This means that users can access the software from any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Integration – A good facilities management software should be able to integrate with other software systems, such as accounting software or project management software. This ensures that data can be shared seamlessly between systems, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Analytics and Reporting – The software should have powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to track key performance indicators and generate reports to identify trends, spot issues, and make data-driven decisions.

Customer Support – Finally, the software should come with excellent customer support, including training, onboarding, and ongoing support. This ensures that users can get the help they need whenever they need it.

In conclusion, a good facilities management software is an essential tool for any organization that wants to ensure its facilities are safe, clean, and functional. By looking for software that is easy to use, customizable, comprehensive, mobile-friendly, integrative, analytics-driven, and supported, businesses can make the most of their facilities management software investment and achieve their goals.

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